Gitting Started with Git

This is a quick guide for git, including GitHub, and the integrations into RStudio. There are references for further details and training on each of these topics.

A PDF copy of this guide can be downloaded using the PDF button in the toolbar - please note that you’ll need to download this again after any changes or updates to ensure you have the latest copy for guidance and recommended workflows. It will always be possible to bookmark this page and return to whenever required.

In this guide, there are a number of sections which identify setup, the various component parts of using git, workflows, “cheat-sheets”, and further reference materials:

  1. Introduction
  2. Setup
  3. Git
  4. GitHub
  5. IDEs (Using Git in something like RStudio)
  6. Workflows
  7. Cheat sheet
  8. References

GitHub should be thought of as a public forum. No confidential information (including server connection details, passwords, and person identifiable information) should be pushed, even to a private repository! Keep this in mind throughout any project, it’s easier to maintain security throughout than have to go back through and delete code or commits later.


The book is created using bookdown (an R package) and hosted using GitHub. This should allow convenience for development and use, hassle-free updates, and contribution from users (from typos to suggestions).